Teacher Training School

The title “teacher training school” can be slightly misleading. When you train as a teacher of the Alexander Technique, the final qualification, which allows you to teach pupils, is only a kind of side effect of the amazing process you will go through as a student at the school.

During this course of study, people discover aspects of themselves which were previously hidden and unknown. The journey they embark upon will be one of endless surprises. The certificate they receive at the end of the course then opens the way for them to continue this wonderful journey while teaching others. Joining the course to train as a teacher of the Alexander Technique is therefore a very beautiful present you can give yourself.

If you are curios and want to have a taste of this work, you can visit our school and participate for a day or some days. You will have the possibility to directly experience the Alexander Technique and you can learn about the process the school is offering to students.