What is the best age to study the Alexander Technique (AT)? (Dan Armon 2012)

Learning to be a teacher of the AT is not just about learning a profession. It means setting out on a journey, entering into a fascinating process of change in which one discovers something extremely precious within oneself.

Teaching the AT then becomes a venture of sharing this ‘treasure’ with other people and enriching one’s own experience of it.

Joining this school therefore does not only apply to young people looking for occupation. It is by no means limited by age. Teaching the AT does not have to become one’s main source of income. Even a few lessons a week adds a very special quality to the teacher’s life.

When I studied the AT, there was a woman in my class, a medical doctor, of around the age of 60. Some years later she told me how she enjoyed teaching her neighbors in her retirement home. The AT provides great support in the process of ageing and can alleviate, even avert, the many difficulties confronting the elderly.

We would therefore like to invite people of all ages to come and experience our class for some days, and to see for themselves how this experience relates to their own particular time in life.