Choosing an Alexander Technique school (D. A. 2005)

Choosing a school in which you are going to study the AT is not a simple task. A beginner has no idea into what process s/he is entering, so in a way, s/he can’t really choose. But nevertheless the choice has to be made. Do not choose a school after only one short visit. Give the school a period of visits to develop a deeper experience and understanding of what is happening there. It is not like buying in a shop. choosing a school means also choosing your teacher. This teacher is going to influence your life. It is true you only have your intuition to rely on, nevertheless don’t be in a hurry. It is good to take some private lessons and to have a serious and intimate conversation with him/her. It is also good idea to talk with students about their studies.

The Alexander Technique is a wisdom, which cannot be learnt from books, but is taught from person to person, from generation to generation. So, it is important to check the relationship between the director of the school and his/her teachers. These are the teachers from whom s/he received a diploma and by whom s/he was an assistant. Do they confirm his/her being a leader of a school? The teachers who gave him/her a diploma and by whom s/he assisted know this person well and his/her work intimately. Don’t hesitate to ask about it the people involved.

Many schools try to attract your attention by offering supplementary subjects. This is not relevant. It has nothing to do with the main experience you are going to go through.

Having made all these inquiries, of course, you will only have your feelings to rely on. But please remember, the person you choose is going to guide you in a process that will change your life.