Alexander Technique (AT) as a dialogical method of releasing self energy (Dan Armon 2012)

There are many of methods claiming ways of self-release. From Zen to Tai Chi, Chi Gong to Yoga and Feldenkrais and many more, each one offers the practitioner a way of exercising. One practices alone and receives from time to time further instructions and advice on how to advance. In the AT however, the dialogue between practitioners sustains a special intensity and depth. Those who practice the sort of dialogue the technique proposes receive a very direct and wonderful (full of wonders) feedback. Alexander Technique practitioners create in dialogue with each other a unique experience which heightens the process of self-discovery, making its process clearer and faster. Each meeting between two practitioners “working” with each other in this way becomes a rare and precious experience, its outcome being increased flexibility, overcoming diseases, pain-relief, strength, joy.

The Alexander technique plays an active part in the search that many of us have for an alternative to the destructive and consume-oriented culture. Its experience shows that one can find a deep satisfaction within oneself, even in collaboration with others, independent of consuming matter. This the satisfaction in simply being alive

Alexander Technique practitioners who “work” with each other are like pioneers, a vanguard exploring the essence of real human meeting. Their “work” cleans this meeting from manipulations or projections, ruling or giving up, but is of listening and accepting the bare existence of one another which is a condition to love.